How to Download YouTube Videos and MP3 in 5 Clicks

Have you ever needed to download a video from YouTube for personal use? Or maybe a royalty-free audio track you wanted to insert into your personal video? We bet you have. Often times you just want to save a viral video and share it with your friends, or compile several videos into one. This is where - ultimate online video downloader - comes in handy. There are hundreds of reasons why you’d need to download a YouTube video - for creating your own video for your channel, for keeping it as a memory, for sharing it or for storing it in you personal video archive - this list can go on. 

Regardless of the reason for downloading YouTube videos or MP3 music - sooner or later many of us have found themselves searching for a video downloader. There are quite a few programs - both online and offline - that allow downloading YouTube videos. 

In this article we’ll describe how to use BBflash.Net online video downloader and converter for grabbing YouTube videos and MP3. 

To learn more watch this short video tutorial

Before You Start

Before we start - let’s answer some of the most common questions you might have about our free online video downloader and converter:

  1. Do I have to install any software to download videos?

No. Our video downloader is completely web-based and does not require any software installations.

  1. How much does BBflash.Net cost? is free. We don’t ask for your credit card. We don’t even ask your email. And we don’t limit your downloads

  1. Does your video downloader work on PC / Mac / iPhone or Android?

Our software is completely web-based and works on any platform. 

5 Easy Steps to Download and Convert YouTube Videos

  1. Go to YouTube → Choose a Video You’d like to download or convert to MP3

    Please note, that some videos cannot be downloaded. Restrictions apply if a video is not in public access. has no control over that. 

  1. Copy video URL

You can find the URL in the search bar, or by clicking the right button on your mouse and choosing “Copy URL”

Your video URL should look like this

Please note, that if you insert playlist URL - our online video downloader won’t grab it. 

  1. Go to and paste video URL in the Download bar 

  1. Click on the Download icon

  1. Click on the output format you wish to use 

  1. That’s it - SUPER EASY!!!

Depending on your browser settings your download will either begin automatically, or you’ll be prompted to choose download destination.

That was easy, wasn’t it? If you like our tool - please share it with your friends.

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